35da0eb0-7a72-422b-9d0f-2379ed7952b4Dad Talking Autism focuses on three areas of being a Dad with a child/ children on the autistic spectrum.

At Dad Talking Autism we focus on:

  • Celebrating our children
  • Supporting our partners
  • Tackling issues relevant to Dads

“Autism … offers a chance for us to glimpse an awe-filled vision of the world that might otherwise pass us by,” Dr. Colin Zimbleman, Ph.D.

Based in South Wales we provide support both locally and globally through:

  • Online Peer to Peer Support Group – talk 24/7 with other Dads who have an insight into the world of Autism and the impact it has on you and your families. Join Nowrubiks-cube-157058_1280
  • Local Meetup – Getting Dads together to talk about their experience and save techniques and strategies for ensuring a fulfilled life.
  • Social Media – Through Facebook and Twitter we provide comment and news around issues that are affecting families with autistic children.
  • Dad Coaching – Providing coaching for Dads to help them build and maintain those key relationships as well as focusing on continued personal growth. Find out more